Soul Solution Reviews


“If you’re looking for a dark, paranormal, suspenseful fairytale-like romance then you will certainly find it in Soul Solution.” —A Reader’s Review Blog

“I really loved the connection between Erik and Mina and I thought the author did a great job of portraying their frustration at not being able to take the relationship further.” —Book Binge

“I really loved this modern fairy tale romance story.” —Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

“This is an easy read and will delight those looking for a light paranormal romance.” —DRC Promotions

“But the story is not only set in the supernatural. The narrative is balanced by the inclusion of Mina and her very human concerns about love and relationships.” —Chris Pavesic

I loved that Eric had to fight through who he was meant to be, to become who he needed to be.” –Paranormal Romance Guild


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