Poisoned Apple Reviews


In this novella we struggle along with Neve in her quest to make a fresh start.” Reading Keeps Me Sane Review

“I’d recommend this story to young adults looking for realistic fiction.” —Caffeine Crew Review

“Lushly poetic, story takes on a dark, melancholy tone and brilliantly distorts the traditional fairy tale with snarky satire.” —Sandra’s Book Club Review

“Poisoned Apple is a romantic and touching read that is perfect for anyone looking for some love.” —Julie’s Book Review

What a Thought Review

The reader gets emotionally caught up in the turmoil that Neve is facing from the very beginning ” —Eva Millien’s Review at Literary Addicts

Poisoned Apple is a good choice for anyone in the mood for a hip, contemporary romance novel.” —Long and Short Reviews

” Beautiful ending (it is a fairytale) with lots of modern day drama to keep it fast-paced.” —Book Dragon’s Lair

“She is smart, intelligent and she wants to stand on her own two feet and she’s not afraid to say that.” —My Little Book Blog

“This is a short novella that is a modern twist on Snow White sweet quick read for anyone.” —Books in Brogan

“With all that Neve goes through, it’s courageous that she still fights for happiness.” —The Coffee Pot

“This novella left me wanting more, but in a good way. I liked the character building and budding relationship between Neve and Brendan.”

Up Til Dawn Book Blog

“This is a beautifully written novella. Katherine McIntyre has woven such emotion into this story that it literally hits your heart.”

Reader’s Favorite


Tears of Crimson

Weekend Feature at Fiction Vixen

Awesome Gang

LOVExtra Feature

BTSeMag 2015 Red Carpet Book Award Nominee

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