An Airship Named Desire Reviews


In this novella we struggle along with Neve in her quest to make a fresh start. ” —Suzanne van Rooyen’s Review

“This book is a book full of adventure, action, betrayal, lies, laughs, and a bit of romance.” —Offbeat Vagabond’s Review

An Airship Named Desire is a fast-paced dose of steampunk pulp fiction.” —Gnostalgia’s Review

“The descriptions of the world were very interesting and unique. It almost had a gritty, dieselpunk feel to it.” —The Punkette’s Review

“An Airship Named Desire is has a solid plot, and sports an excellent ending.” —Armand Inezian’s Review

“I got invested in this character and as the character developed, so did the story line.” —Rabid Reader Review

“This is a rousingly good tale, thick with action, occasionally lightened by witty dialogue, and with enough smart scheming, twists and turns, and surprises along the way to keep the reader riveted.” —Lori Holuta’s Review

“I have come to love steampunk and the alternate world these novels inhabit. But I have seldom seen as well realized a world as in the one here.” —Best Fantasy Stories Review

“The story is never dull, with Bea and her crew getting into one perilous scrape after another. ” —John Purvis

“Bea is first mate of an airship, overseeing a crew of lovable rogues — smugglers and pirates with hearts of gold designed to be similar, in my opinion, to the crew of Serenity.” —

“This was a good read, I really enjoyed it!” —Trips Down Imagination Road


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