CateKat Editing Services

If you’re looking for the whole editing package, content edits and proofreading, look no further.

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CateKat Editing services taps the expertise of two experienced authors, Catherine Peace and Katherine McIntyre, to polish your manuscript.

Katherine McIntyre handles content edits at .006 cents a word

What comes with content edits? Kat will go through your manuscript for issues with pacing, stylistic flow, characterization, plot development and plot holes, redundancies and tense/POV disruptions, filtering, worldbuilding issues, etc.

Catherine Peace handles proofreading at .005 cents a word

What comes with proofreading? Cate will go through your manuscript for grammatical issues, spelling, repetition, and any other technical issues that pop up in the manuscript.

This package also includes a FREE blurb critique, tackled by both Cate and Kat!

Make sure to include the genre, word count and deadline for your manuscript below when requesting our services.