Board Game Editing

Board Game Rule Book Editing

Sliding Scale:

Just Bear-ly: Basic Proofreading and Light Editing- $0.01 a word

Cat’s Meow: Content and Format Editing-$0.015 a word

Ruff Ride: Extensive Rewriting and Editing- $0.025 a word

So you’ve designed your game, spent months playtesting it, and you’re preparing it for launch. It might be easy to brush over the rule book, thinking that ‘anyone can write’ and ‘players will be able to figure it out.’ As an author of over a dozen books and an avid board game player, I can guarantee you, anything that can be misunderstood will be.

That’s where I come in. With my extensive experience in writing and editing, I can smooth over clunky phrases, while making the rules of your game digestible to any audience. In the process, I’ll also clean up glaring grammatical errors and misspellings along the way, so when your product is released to the public, you’ll have a professional rule book that you can be proud of.