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Taking Root is Under Contract!

Book one in my Eros Tales series, contemporary romance retellings of Greek Myths, will be coming out with Limitless Publishing! Stay tuned for more news about Taking Root!


After a decade away, Danielle Reynolds returns to Charleston.

Before WitSec and before her serial killer father went on the run, she had a different name and life here. Mere moments back and the past finds her when she draws the attention of Adrian Dukas, the gorgeous track star she tutored in high school.

Ever since Adrian’s fiancée left him, he’s sentenced himself to long shifts at the hospital and never-ending family responsibilities. However, when the redheaded stunner going by Danny Reynolds crashes into his life, Adrian can’t let the girl he pined after for years vanish a second time.

Attraction zings between them like Cupid’s arrow, and they both fall hard. Except Danny’s secrets and Adrian’s promises of the future will car-crash wreck them when she has to leave, and with her father on the move and heading to Charleston, their hourglass is running out of sand.

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Weekly Word Count #36

Word Count: 10, 005

What story I’m working on: Scrying for Summer! And obviously based on the word count, I’m jiving with it 😀 And based on the rate I’m going, I’ll be done in the next couple weeks!

What I’m editing/marketing: Still editing Iron Legacy and I’ll need to step up the pace on that! As for marketing, I’m still rocking out Hunting for Spring, so if you haven’t checked it out I recommend!

Line of the week:

A smile curved his lips as he cupped her cheek with his warm hand. “Don’t have to prove anything to me, babe. I know that you’re fierce as hell.”

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Music Monday- Lust, Sex, and Tattoos

Just another Music Monday…here with some new tunes to spice up your morning!

Today let’s welcome Sheri Velarde who’s here to discuss her book Lust, Sex, and Tattoos!

Lust 12 in cover

Lust, Sex and Tattoos is very much a rock n’roll kind of book, so it is only natural that is have a rock soundtrack. Here are my top 5 favorite songs for this book and its characters Ben and Karen!

Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters. This song is exactly what Karen is going through. She is learning to fly so to speak and finding herself for the first time in a long time.

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest. Again Karen is finding herself and her own strength and this is a classic song about not taking guff off of anybody!

They’re Coming to Take Me Away by the Butcher Babies. Karen just got out of this phase of her life, where she lost herself and almost went crazy. I have met the ladies in this band and they just kick major butt and their music means that to me, kicking butt and taking names.

The Pretender by the Foo Fighters. (They are my favorite band!) Before Ben Karen was with a pretender. A mean pretender. Nothing more to say.

Back in the Saddle Again by Aerosmith. Let’s just say this is how Karen feels after meeting Ben.

Buy Link:

I already have a four more releases to come out over the first three months of this year. I have a short story in the “Snowed In” anthology from Torquere Press. I have a vampire story soon to be released on Three Worlds Press. I have a collection of vampire shorts coming out on Valentine’s Day and a re-release of a shifter story due out in March on Stoker Publishing. Besides those releases I am working on three novels at the moment and lots of shorts in between. I like to be busy and always have more than one project going at a time.


I am all over social media and can be found at the following links!

Website URL:

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Twitter handle: Sher_V

Pinterest Page:

Goodreads page:

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November 2015 Obsessions

Can we talk Nalini Singh for a second here? So, I stayed away for awhile–figured it wasn’t my cup of tea. After all, I tend to like more action to my books and I need to be in a certain mood to read some romances. But I’d heard about her for awhile and was curious so I checked the first book out.

Reaction? Not bad. Not amazing, but definitely a page turner for me. Then I read the second….got a little more interested. Now I wanted to read more. AAAANNNND then came the third book, which I refused to put down and devoured in a night. SO. DAMN. GOOD. I love when a book grips me like that and refuses to let go. Where am I now? Oh, yeah, currently through book seven. I’m tearing through this series like no tomorrow.

I’ll be honest, I *may* be finished the entire series before the end of the year. Not even sorry. I will say, it’s doing wonders for my paranormal romance inspiration, and since my current work-in-progress is said genre, I’m happy for the spark.

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Weekly Word Count #17

Made it through Pope-ageddon in Philly, but that didn’t deter me from writing anyway. (Though it did deter a lot of folks who work in the city) Onwards and upwards!

Word Count: 3, 012 (slow progress on A Tale of Two Airships because my Hunting for Spring edits came in! Deadlines, yo)

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships (that’s right, bitches. We have a title now!) Also working on my column for BTSemag, as I’m their YA columnist now!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing the revamp of An Airship Named Desire, and, I got edits in for Hunting for Spring, so I plowed through them earlier in the week.

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Word of the Day: Bucolic

Word of the Day: Bucolic

What I think it means: Peaceful and idyllic–to be fair, I’m familiar with this one.

What it actually means: of, pertaining to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life.

Yeah, while this is a familiar word, I don’t really write too many bucolic scenes, since my top preference is for gritty urban fantasy.

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Word of the Day: Sudser

Word of the Day: Sudser

What I think it means: Old time word for a barkeep–I’ve heard ale referred to as suds before.

What it actually means: Any movie, play, or the like that’s designed to invoke a tearful response.

I’m still going to use master of the suds at some point instead of barkeep, even if this weird word refers to the lather of a soap opera rather than dispensing dew.

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Meet the Writer Wednesday- Michele Stegman

Learn about the different ways writers tap into their inspiration by asking them! Every Wednesday we meet a new author and discuss style, projects, and methods with them.

Today let’s welcome Michele Stegman!

10151971_633987283679_4716031159509436_n (2)(1)

What writing quote means the most to you?

“I don’t wait for mood. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.” –Pearl Buck

When you’re settling down to write, what sparks the inspiration for you?

When I am reading a history book and a scene strikes me as interesting, my mind starts spinning off into “what if’s.”

        The book I am currently working on, however, was inspired by a little sign in Texas as I drove across a bridge. It said, “Cibolo Creek,” and I thought it would make a great book title and I started wondering what could have happened at Cibolo Creek. Now I’m writing the story I came up with.

With your characters, are there any you feel particularly close to, or that you could write about endlessly?

There is one character I put into all my books–my husband. In one way or another, he is the inspiration for all my heroes. Ranulf, in Conquest of the Heart, is the hero most closely modeled on my husband.

If you were to take a dream vacation, where would you go?

I would love to return to England for an extended stay. I have always been an Anglophile and would love the opportunity to live in England for a while and leisurely explore the country.

Do you have a project you’re really excited about right now?

I have started writing Cibolo Creek, a Western set in 1869. It was an unsettled time with a lot of outlaws and tensions from the Civil War. It is about a good man who has gone so far astray he feels he is beyond redemption. And now he must impersonate a preacher to catch the outlaw he has crossed too many times. The heroine is just the right person to bring him back to a life he long feared was lost to him.

What shows do you tune into when you’re not writing?

I watch too much TV! I like documentaries, Criminal Minds, Grimm, Blue Bloods, and…

How about books–any recommendations?

I have read most of Jo Beverley’s books but decided to reread her Rogue books, but in order this time, just for fun. They can be read in any order.

What’s your astrological sign?


Hooray for fellow Aries! So, when you’re reading a book, are there any dealbreakers? Anything that drives you nuts?

I love reading series books, but only if they can be read in any order and there are no cliffhangers at the end. To me, the story in each book should be resolved by the end of the book. That is an unwritten contract between author and reader. I hate to get to the end of a book and find that the story is not resolved. To find out what happens, I would have to read the next book. Just on principle, I refuse to read any more of that author’s books. I feel I have been tricked and the author is using this just to try to force readers to buy their next book.

        An example of a very good series is Jo Beverley’s Rogue series. The books are connected, many of the same characters can be found in all the books, but each book stands alone. The ending of each book leaves you satisfied, but definitely wanting to read another of the books.

Where can readers find you?


Author Page


Her people conquered his country. How can they overcome the distrust they feel to find love?

In 1067 England, Madeline, a Norman, wants a big, brash, never-defeated-in-battle, Norman knight. What she gets, by order of the king, is a wiry Saxon who once studied for the priesthood instead of warfare. But is this gentle man she is falling in love with entangled in the rebellion now sweeping the land?

Ranulf wants to marry the girl next door. What he gets, by order of the king, is a lush, strong Norman woman who just might be a spy reporting his every move. He wants her in every way a man can possibly want a woman. But can he trust his heart to a woman who might have been sent to root out the struggle for freedom his people are engaged in?

Buy it here: Amazon, Smashwords

Thanks for joining us on Meet the Writer Wednesday! Join us next week to meet a new author!