An Airship Named Desire Playlist

There will be some obvious songs here, and some that might surprise you, although most likely not. Hint, most songs have to do with steampunk or pirates…

1. Airship Pirate by Abney Park

Let’s be honest–this song makes anyone want to go off and journey the skies as an Airship Pirate. Abney Park really nailed the mark with this one, and it was a quintessential part of writing Airship. It’s most definitely one I played on repeat.

2. Sleep Isabella by Abney Park

This worked for tense, quieter sequences, though since there aren’t a ton in Airship, it didn’t hit the playlist as often.

3. Victoria by Abney Park

I played this a bit after the big spoiler midbook, because there’s a lot of melancholy and regret in the tone and the lyrics.

4. She by Abney Park

I listened to this song for an entire day while trying to write the midbook spoiler. It was a heart-wrenching, difficult scene to write, but this had enough gravity to propel me through it.

5. Blades in Autumn by Clockwork Dolls

This was one of the many songs I listened to off of Dramatis Personae while working on An Airship Named Desire. These songs had a great backbone to them, and Blades in Autumn had a lonely quality to it that I loved, good for personal reflection in face of danger–which is definitely something Bea had to handle.

6. Impartial by Clockwork Dolls

There’s a sense of steel to this song that I dug, and it worked well while I wrote scenes which required the crew to rally. This was a great help to place me in the frame of mind to write the characters summoning their courage and resolve.

7. Iron Rose by Clockwork Dolls

Epic battle piece. I listened to this one on repeat while working on the final battle section, because this composition has class, and also the dramatic rise and fall necessary for a fight. I remember trying to type on my laptop one night in the dark as I worked on one of the later chapters while my husband tried to sleep.

8. Pirate Song by Alestorm

I’ll be perfectly honest, this was a huge–HUGE–song for An Airship Named Desire. Every time I hear the opening strains of this song, I want to grab a pint, and a crew, and stir up some trouble. I started listening to Alestorm right around the time I began Airship, and their pirate metal melodies worked themselves right into my psyche.

9. Captain Morgan’s Revenge by Alestorm

This song is a story in itself, and along with a Pirate Song was one that I hit the repeat button for many a time. I absolutely love the way Alestorm creates a swashbuckling pirate’s tale with their songs, and not only through the lyrics.

10. To the End of Our Days by Alestorm

This worked well for the more severe moments–the serious points where they weren’t sure if they’d make it out alive. Something jaunty wouldn’t fit there, but this song is one of Alestorm’s ballads.

11. No Quarter by Alestorm

Fast paced and action oriented from the get-go, it made a fantastic part of the writing playlist for any action scene, particularly hand to hand combat or swordfights.

12. Aether Shanties by Abney Park

Talk about steampunk tunes. This one places me in the right frame of mind to add steampunk flair to things, and was really helpful during edits while I added more details to the background.

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