Corsets and Cogs

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Welcome to the world as it never was…

Enter landscapes awash in steam-powered machinery, Victorian style, and mysterious magic shrouded in the fog of a city night.

Join 25 New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling speculative fiction authors as they dive into alternate universes of tinkers, mad scientists, and space-faring soldiers, as well as leviathans, vampires, and demons–along with the cloaked lords and corseted ladies haunting pages of these alternative histories.

This limited-time anthology features tales of whimsy and wonder rife with gaslamp masquerades, steam-driven dirigibles, clockwork landscapes, gadgets and gears, and more.

Perfect for lovers of Penny Dreadful, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sherlock Holmes!

Margo Bond Collins, Of Love and Leviathans
Rebekah R. Ganiere, The Lady Fugitive
Erin Hayes, Damn the Consequences
Melanie Karsak, Princesses and Frogs
Pauline Creeden, Heartless in New Orleans
Blaire Edens, Seas of Steam
J.A. Culican & Melle Amade, Steel Pedigree
Jayne Fury, Royal Ruse
Laura Greenwood, Ruler of Rats
Julie Morgan, Eternal Darkness
Lexi Ostrow, Demon in Steam
Angelique Armae, Edenwyck
E.B. Black, Tinkering Her Heart
Bokerah Brumley, Dogwood Sprocket
Leona Bushman, Penny Wise
Ever Coming, Their Gift
Eli Constant, Parthenia Penny Gaff
Sj Davis, Venom and Vapor
Dena Garson, To London, with Love
Dana Lyons, The Time Traveler
Skye Mackinnon, Kiss My Corset
Katherine Mcintyre, One Shot for the Sky
Coyote Starr and Summer Chase, Worth a Tinker’s Damn