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Weekly Word Count: 11/28/18

Word Count: 13178

What story I’m currently working on:

I hit 57k with Forged Futures AND completed NaNo for the month. Next on the agenda is completing these final chapters. I should be done the book by next week! Holy hell, I’ve been ripping through the Tribal Spirits series. It’s crazy to think that the next one to write is the final one 🙂 And guys, I have THOUGHTS. They might be a lil twisted. After I finish this book, I’ll probably just launch straight into the final one, at least after a break to edit Hypnotizing Beat.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I finished the edits for Hunting for Spring and turned them in to the editor, so we’ll be really ripping and renovating that series. It’ll be like reading a brand new book. It’s crazy to think how much I’ve grown writing-wise in the span of a couple of years. Also feels crazy that a mere two weeks ago, Forged Alliances came out! Forged Decisions is available for pre-order as well, which is all of the excite. If you’re feeling holly jolly, get Bustles and Bells! It’s a steampunk Christmas anthology sure to put you in the holiday mood!

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Teaser of the week:

“Maybe being surrounded by rockstars has me looking for a regular guy.” Liz locked gazes with Kieran, challenge flashing in her eyes. The poor bartender was getting dragged into batt

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Line of the week:

His mate strode with a feline grace, her chin lifted and her jade eyes blazing. She met his eyes, and the air evacuated his chest. Understanding reflected in her eyes, what they never could communicate through words. No matter what happened today, he didn’t regret a second of the time they’d spend together. Of coming to Red Rock and Silver Springs territory. Of falling in love with Lana Renoir.

They stepped onto different paths, both heading for the woods. Both heading towards different dangers.

Both too terrified to ever whisper goodbye.

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Weekly Word Count: 11/21/18

Word Count: 14209

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, hot damn, the wordinating continues. I reached 44k with Forged Futures, which brings me closer and closer to the end zone. And I’m right on target, as we’re ramping up chapterwise to the big fights and such which will grace the end section of the book. This one was an easy joy to write–the words just leaked out of me, and I can’t believe I’m as far in with it as I am. And I’ve already started brainstorming for Forged Redemption, the final book in the series, which totally feels like an insane thing to say, considering this all started last year.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I did some more editing on The Lies We Weave and sent out some more submissions, and I’m doing some massive edits on Hunting for Spring, which will be coming out July 2019! But it’s been nonstop, because just as Forged Alliances had a re-release, Forged Decisions is already available for pre-order! I’m so excited for these books to reach everyone! And of course, Bustles and Bells is still up for consumption, and we’re reaching the prime time of the year for a steampunk Christmas anthology! On top of that, A Reflection of Ice, An Airship Named Desire, and Snatched are all 99 cents right now, and Stolen Petals is free!

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Teaser of the week:

“Because if I fell any deeper for the way his eyes crinkled with his smile or his habit of tapping on his nose to emphasize a point, my ship would be sunk.”

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Line of the week:

Her throat squeezed tight as she pushed herself up from the ground. She reached out to run her fingers along the tombstone, as if she could still touch him.

“Baby, you’re still with me,” she murmured, needing him, somehow to know that. “I might have found someone, but you’re always going to be a part of my life.” His warmth, like the sun, and the way he threw his whole body into hugs. His confidence had infected her when they were kids, led her to chase after dreams, whether it was starting a horror club back in school, or becoming a massage therapist, because she wanted to help people.

He had been a large part of the beginning of her life, and he would always be with her, every time she sang Bon Jovi off-key, or smelled the forsythia in the spring. She just couldn’t end here. Not yet.

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Snatched Sale: Only 99 cents!


For the next couple of days, Snatched is available for only 99 cents99 cents!

When Kara was ten, the shifters took her parents.

A year ago, they took her best friend Hunter.

And now, the night before her first military strike against those monsters on the surface, the shifters take the only person she has left: her little sister Lizzy.

The snatched don’t come back. That’s what Kara’s believed her entire life, but the first person she finds above ground is the best friend she thought lost forever. Turns out, the higher ups lied. Other colonies are out there, hell even folks who toughed it up above. If anyone knows how to get her sister back, these people would. However, unless she can rally these surfacers into an army, one girl with a shotgun won’t survive long against the very creatures that overturned her world.

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Stolen Petals Free Day!


Grab your copy for FREE for the next couple of days!

One man has swiped bounties from Viola, the Brass Violet, for years. Longstanding rivals, they’ve only had brief encounters, and if she had a choice, she’d avoid him entirely. When he saunters into her bar with an offer to work together on a job, the proper response would be to shoot him down and send him back to Shantytown. However, curiosity’s a wicked beast, and Viola needs to know why, after so many years of stealing her marks, he’d approach her now.

The man is insufferable, annoyingly cavalier, and tends to stir up memories she’d rather forget–but she needs assistance on this job and he’s offering aid and blueprints which could cut their work in half.

Given the intense way he looks at her though, working together isn’t all he has in mind. Van Clef is known for his persistence and, with his charm, he wins women over effortlessly. Viola’s not so easy though–she’s wise to his tricks. But if he wants to play the game, she will gladly rise to the challenge. By the end of this bounty, she’ll be the one leaving him in the dust.

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Forged Decisions (Tribal Spirits #2) is Available for Pre-Order!


Pre-order the second book in the Tribal Spirits series today, Forged Decisions!

When Finn falls for Navi, a member of the East Coast Tribe, he’ll have to choose between the pack and family who saved him and the unforgettable woman who’s made her mark.

Ever since Sierra and Dax mated, forming their alliance, Finn has been restless in his position as beta for the Red Rock pack. So, when Navi, the gorgeous, lethal member of the East Coast Tribe, conscripts him to help break up the Landsliders’ drug-running ring, he leaps on the opportunity. As they work together, their attraction deepens to more than comrades and far more than a one-night stand. Except Navi isn’t sticking around town forever and Finn has his own responsibilities tethering him to the Red Rock pack.

When the trail to the drug ring leads them to the man who murdered Finn’s parents, Finn’s forced to confront the fears he’s buried and, in the process, the connection between him and Navi grows scorching and unforgettable. However, with an underground meth lab to bust and his parents’ murderer to take down, Finn throws his heart and soul into the fight, because he knows, even if he survives this, he’ll be forever marked by the goodbyes to follow.

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An Airship Named Desire: 99 cents Sale!

Thanks for being awesome.

Grab a copy of the first Take to the Skies book for only 99 cents!

Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers, and soldiers…An Airship Named Desire will take you for a thrilling ride.

Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew of her airship can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump on the opportunity. However, their employer forgot to mention the box’s military escort and the Morlock mercenaries who would slit throats to get their hands on it. Oh, and if made public, the contents could engulf Europe in another devastating war.

Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with a target on their back and some of the toughest characters in the skies after them, if the crew of the Desire doesn’t polish their pistols and prepare for a hell of a fight, they’ll end up worse than grounded. After all, everyone from the Brits to the Morlocks will kill for the contents of that box, and no one survives an airship crash.

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A Reflection of Ice Sale!


Nab this dark fairytale for only 99 cents!

Snow Queen meets Bluebeard in this chilling fairy tale…

Lyra plunges into the woods for refuge, leaving the discovery of her stepmother’s affair and the woman’s ensuing rage back at the trailer park. However, a mysterious ringing in the forest leads her to a different sort of sanctuary, a castle of ice with a lonely prince living in his solitary kingdom.

While the castle holds haunting ballrooms, vast gardens, and rooms filled with more treasures than a museum, the cobwebs in dark corners whisper a different story. The longer she stays, the more she yearns to return to her rusty old home. Yet once she uncovers the secret of the ice prince in his castle, if she doesn’t find a way to escape soon, she never will.

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Weekly Word Count: 11/15/18

Word Count: 11771

What story I’m currently working on:

I’m midway through Forged Futures and ramping up to the big twist in the middle. I was rolling really fast on this book, but the last couple of chapters I feel like I’ve been sputtering a bit, so I’m about to get back on track. I’m currently at 30k, so I’ve put a significant dent into this book. To be quite frank, I’ll probably be done it by the end of the month, if not the end of the year, which is hella cool.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I started sending out more submissions for The Lies We Weave, though I’m debating on doing one more editing run through. But most of my focus this week was on Forged Alliances’ release day, which was Tuesday! A little over a year since it was last out, it’s now back with a LOT of fuel behind it. After all, I’ve got the next two already stacked to go, and I’m working on the fourth in the series. I will absolutely be finished the Tribal Spirits series by next year, and that’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t grabbed Bustles and Bells yet, I’d recommend it! An Airship Carol is a super fun caper. Next on the agenda is the pre-order for Forged Decisions on November 20th, which I’m super excited for.

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Teaser of the week:

“Except here he crouched before her, all breakable brown eyes, old scars and the shortest temper she’d ever encountered. And unlike every other guy she’d messed around with before, this was the one man she couldn’t s.jpg

Currently listening to:

Line of the week:

For this single moment, she could exist here with him. For this single moment, she wasn’t a widow, she wasn’t the wife of Greg Bennett. For this single moment, he wasn’t one of the Tribe. For this single moment, he could stay.

Her gaze landed on his lips, but Lucas pulled away first, shattering that fragile, quavering ray they’d clung to. Lana stepped back to grab her coffee, as if the heat from the mug could dispel the way her fingers tingled from mere touch.

“So, taking down Ganzorig?” Lana said before taking a quick sip. Not like she could evade the heat in Lucas’s eyes, or the way her body flushed.

He nodded. “Yeah, we’re taking down the Landsliders.”

Even as their mouths formed different words, Lana recognized them for what they were.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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Forged Alliances Release Day!


So much can change in a year. Around this time last year, Forged Alliances had just come out with Loose Id, and I was full of excitement to be pushing forward on a brand new series. And then….December hit, and Loose Id announced their closure. While my second book was on submission, of course. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t devastate me. I loved working with that publisher, and I was so sad to see them go. On top of that, since the official closure wouldn’t hit until June, I wasn’t about to go and write the third book until I found a new home for them.

So, I waited.

I expected it to be a long time until I could find a home for this series, however, Totally Bound happened to open up submissions in June, and I leapt on the opportunity. I had long been interested in that publisher, but they’d been closed. In a sweep of serendipity, I submitted Forged Alliances, and it got accepted. At once, I dove into book three again, desperate to dive back into this world. I am so in love with these shifters and this series, and I’m so thrilled to bring them back to you with book one, Forged Alliances.

Buy your copy HERE today!

“Mislabeled the sign,” a cocky voice called from the door. “Should read ‘Doggie Daycare_ with the amount of pups packed into this place.” The man_s eyes twinkled with his l

Sierra Kanoska fought hard for her position as wolf alpha of the Red Rock pack, and intruders in her territory receive the full brunt of what her claws, fangs and smarts can accomplish. So, when Dax Williams, de facto alpha of the Silver Springs pack, pays an unwelcome visit, Sierra’s ready to toss him out. However, the pack elders sabotaged Dax’s fight for alpha against his brother, driving him from his lands. Sierra hates underhanded crap like that, so she agrees on an alliance.

As they work together, she witnesses an alpha who wants to do right by his pack, not just a cocky wiseass. Their growing attraction blazes hot, but the moment she and Dax lock lips, a mating bond emerges. Sierra sure as hell isn’t ready to share that intimate connection with a stranger and the thought of forever sends Dax running.

Before they can talk, the Tribe commanding the East Coast shifters arrives to settle the dispute. Dax and his brother’s punishment for their pack’s civil war is a free-for-all on their lands. Not only does he have to defeat his brother, but any challenger in the region. Despite Dax and Sierra’s initial resistance, his wily charm relaxes her control-freak tendencies while her steadfast support bolsters his strength. Yet every new opponent places their newfound relationship under siege—one misstep, one wrong blow in the ring, and Dax could leave in a bodybag.

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Goals for 2019

It’s that time of year, folks, when I start sitting down and really analyzing what next year is going to look like. I can speculate a lot mid-year, but with completing books and submissions and contracts, all of that can be in flux. I’m at the point where I have some serious definites.

Books Scheduled for Release in 2019:

Forged Decisions (Tribal Spirits #2) January 1, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Forged Contracts (Tribal Spirits #3) May 21, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Of Tinkers and Technomancers (Whitfield Files #1)  April 2, 2019 with Totally Bound Publishing

Captured Memories (Cupid’s Cafe #3) November 2019 with Inkspell Publishing


Books Under Contract:

Hunting for Spring (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #1) with Soul Mate Publishing

Scrying for Summer (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #2) with Soul Mate Publishing

Rising for Autumn (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #3) with Soul Mate Publishing

Waking for Winter (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles #4) with Soul Mate Publishing


Books Under Submission:

Taking Root (Book one in my Greek Myths series)


Books Written to be Edited:

Hypnotizing Beat (Discord’s Desire #2)


Books in Progress:

Forged Futures (Tribal Spirits #4)


Books to Write in 2019:

Forged Redemption (Tribal Spirits #5)

Alluring Refrain (Discord’s Desire #3)

Next Cupid’s Cafe

Of Coppers and Cracksmen (Whitfield Files #2)


What ones are you the most excited for? With any luck, my Tribal Spirits series will be finished by next year!