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Weekly Word Count #95

Word Count: 10,148

What story I’m working on: I see the end in sight for Future King even though I’m at 50k in the story! There are a couple twists and turns I need to suss out, but for the most part I can see the direction I want to take this clearly. What I’m excited about is that I’m getting to THE scene, the one that’s burned through me from the beginning of the book. Usually a romancey hookup scene, tbh. It tides me through all the slow burn, the thought of the awesome scene that’ll unfold later on.

What I’m editing/marketing: I got most of my beta reads back on Forged Alliances, so I’m doing massive edits on it. So far, it’s looking like I’ll be finished them in a week or two–they’re definitely doable things. I’m super excited to begin work on Waking for Winter too, and I’ll probably be able to announce a release date to you guys soon!

Line of the week:

His gaze sparked with amber depths, a vulnerability I hadn’t yet seen from this complex, layered man. I wasn’t the only one who unraveled. Every encounter, every touch and incursion delved deeper and deeper to the point I wondered how I ever could’ve believed he was simply the smart-talking criminal I’d first encountered. Despite all the confidence he displayed, what truly made Merlin stronger than most was the fact that he plunged through this as blind as the rest of us sometimes, never letting on to the others his fears and worries. Shouldering the burden alone.

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Weekly Word Count #94

Word Count: 7,089

What story I’m working on: Future King is picking up speed, as I hit 40k this week! The whole story is starting to unfold with that clarity that I sometimes get at the midway point. I know exactly where I want it to go, and I can’t wait for the ride. This is going to be an intense read.

What I’m editing/marketing: At the moment I started tweaking Red Skies Take Warning, an older manuscript, and I began doing some grammatical edits on Forged Alliances while I’m waiting for my beta-readers to get back to me. On the plus, I can’t wait to start into Waking for Winter edits! I recently started submittng Captivating Melody to publishers, so fingers crossed, because that series would be glorious.

Line of the week:

So the minute the musicians began to play, I watched, spellbound. These masters of their craft spun a tale before us as the melody filtered through the air. The heartrending strain of the violin, the piercing, mesmerizing whistle of the flute wove together with the robust notes from the cello binding the piece together. No words were necessary to communicate the slow rise of the grief that suspended in the air. I knew this devastation well, one that brought me to my knees every time I’d entered my house, waiting for a greeting that would never arrive.

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Weekly Word Count #93

Word Count: 4,332

What story I’m working on: Slowed down a bunch because of finishing Forged Alliances last week! Still super proud to have that story complete, and now it’s out with beta readers! What that means is my sole focus is back on Future King, which is slugging along at a snail’s pace as I hit 33k this week. I came to a realization on that though, one I want to share. Normally, I rip through contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy and the sort because the locations are so easy for me to describe, the settings natural, and even the monster creation comes readily. However, Future King is science fiction and I need a level of precision and detail with my worldbuilding and language that I can’t convey with my normal racing through a story through the characters. So, I think it’s a good thing for me to work on writing multiple projects currently, since it forces me to take my time with Future King and seriously give this story and its unique world the attention it deserves.

What I’m editing/marketing: I started resubmitting the Iron Legacy, so we’ll see! In other related news, I’ve finally got word on Waking for Winter! The final book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles is now under contract! I recently started submitting Captivating Melody to publishers, so fingers crossed, because that series would be glorious.

Line of the week:

“You’ll be searching for a metal you’re connected with—the piece will have the signature of your forefather imprinted in the very make of it,” Merlin murmured in my ear, his breath tickling from his closeness. His alchemy wove through mine, like the circuits and wires of a motherboard, transferring information in a seamless flow.

Everywhere I searched, from copper to nickel, from gold overlay to platinum filigree, nothing jumped out as dangerous or resonated with me in the way Excalibur did. If anything could have convinced me of the truth behind Merlin’s declaration of my history, of what they sought to accomplish, it had been the punch to my gut the moment I boarded that ship. I’d never believed in destiny until I stepped inside the Excalibur and was forced to confront my own.


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Weekly Word Count #92

Word Count: 15,314

What story I’m working on: Damn, I slid to the finish line for Forged Alliances this week! This story was a total blast to write, and I’m sad to see Sierra and Dax go, but I’m excited to continue the series in the future, as already it’s a vibrant, fun cast. Since I was so hyper-focused on finishing Forged Alliances, I let Future King slide right now, but I’ll be back on it next week!

What I’m editing/marketing: I actually just revised Iron Legacy and prepped the query and synopsis, so I’m about to enter submission zone again! Still waiting to here on Waking for Winter, and I also recently started submitting Captivating Melody to publishers, so fingers crossed.

Line of the week:

“Just so you’re aware, I don’t share,” Sierra said lightly, even though steel edged her words. “If we’re mated, that means you’re mine alone.”

“That goes both ways,” he murmured into her hair. “If any asshole tries encroaching on my territory, I’ve proved I know how to protect it.”

Sierra snorted, glancing up to him. “That’s assuming I don’t slit the bastard from navel to throat first. I’m not a fainting idiot in need of protection.”

Dax grinned, his eyes sparking with desire. “No way in hell a weakling would survive mated to me.”


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Weekly Word Count #91

Word Count: 10,234

What story I’m working on: Weeeeeell, I definitely kicked some ass this week in the wording department. Got all the way up to 45k in Forged Alliances, which means I’m tumbling downhill to the end fast. (About 15k projected left!) And while my pace slowed down with Future King a wee bit, I still rounded the week off at 29k, so forward progress for the win!

What I’m editing/marketing: I’m about halfway through the final edit of The Iron Legacy, which means I need to start writing and polishing a query. Still waiting to here on Waking for Winter, and I also recently started submitting Captivating Melody to publishers, so fingers crossed.

Line of the week:

His lips brushed over hers, nothing like the fiery explosions that had erupted between them before. This gentle scrape of a kiss shocked her with adrenaline, coaxing the deep, burning core of her to the surface. The sun glowed along her skin, the warmth and light dizzying when combined with the sensations of his fingers tangled through her hair and his lips on hers. She melted into the kiss, embracing the heady swirl of euphoria that emerged as they continued this tentative exploration.