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Weekly Word Count #86

Word Count: 5,272

What story I’m working on: Hit 20k with Future King, which has been taking a bit of a backseat with how the shifter story has been flowing. What can I say? Romance is easy for me, and with Future King, I have to pause a lot to research things! With the shifter story, I hit 24k, and I’m getting into the meat of the plot. Dax and Sierra have been a blast to write.

What I’m editing/marketing: Continuing with the final edit of Waking for Winter before I submit it to my editor. Still not sure if I’ll have it ready by the end of January since that’s only a couple days away. Right now I’m prepping for Rising for Autumn’s release which I’m more excited for by the second!

Line of the week:

She snuck him the side-eye. “Since I’ve had enough of your mouth for the next decade, why don’t we throw a movie on?”

Dax shook his head, unable to help his weary smile as he settled back into his couch and grabbed the remote. “Were you just born bossy? Did you slide out of the wombs making demands at the doctor?”

“If you’ve got a natural talent for something, why quash it?” she shrugged, even though her eyes gleamed with wickedness.

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Weekly Word Count #85

Word Count: 5,552

What story I’m working on: Hit 19k with Future King, but I’ll probably pick up steam since I’m coming up to some fun scenes. With the shifter story, I hit 20k, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting into the next scenes–it took a rather dark turn!

What I’m editing/marketing: Polishing up Waking for Winter for you guys! I’m hooooping to submit the novel by the end of the month, but it might end up subbed in January. Regardless, I’m preparing for Rising for Autumn’s release, and already, there are stellar advance reviews rolling in!

Line of the week:

“Stop pacing around like a tap-dancing cockroach. I can feel the reverberations all the way over here,” Tris complained, even though she didn’t look away from the window.

The man’s nose wrinkled with annoyance. “If I’m expected to replenish our stocks down below, I need an accurate count of what finances we’re working with.”

“I’ll make it easy for you,” she replied. “Rummage around in your pockets a little—feel that lint? That’s what we’ve got.”


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Weekly Word Count #84

Word Count: 6,562

What story I’m working on: Hit 17k with Future King–slowing down the pace to focus more on the shifter story which is also closing in on 17k since I have a deadline for that one!

What I’m editing/marketing: Continuing to plug away at Waking for Winter and prepping marketing for Rising for Autumn. I’m beyond excited for the release of book three!!

Line of the week:

Dax stalked into his room to put on something decent. Like it or not, Kanoska had agreed to work with him and he was going to hold her to her promise. Even if they had problems keeping their hands off each other and they happened to be mated for life. No biggie. He tugged on a shirt as he let out a long exhale. Hell—he hadn’t stayed in a relationship longer than six months and in stomped a woman he barely knew with lifetime potential stamped all over that perfect ass.

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Weekly World Count #83

Word Count: 4,061

What story I’m working on: Close to 15k with my Future King story, so yay! The shifter story is slinking in fast at 12k, and will probably roll along at a faster than average pace since I’m trying to finish it to submit to an anthology in March!

What I’m editing/marketing: Most of my betas have returned feedback for Waking for Winter, so I’m really surging ahead with edits for it. At this stage, I’ll probably have the novel submitted to my publisher by the end of the month! Also coming soon….Rising for Autumn! February 7th to be specific, and folks, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Line of the week:

“If we’re fast enough, they won’t hit.” Merlin said with a shrug. “Or if Art there can manage to work the alchemical shielding.” His glance held too much knowledge, like he shared a secret with me of just how much I was capable of. From the second I’d met him, the confidence he had in me was a subtle pressure to my spine, telling me to straighten up, daring me to push past my comfort zone and dive into unfathomable depths. As if I couldn’t bear to fall short of the trust he placed in me.