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Weekly Word Count #77

Word Count: 9490

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter

What I’m editing/marketing: Chasing Fate!!!

Line of the week:

Her skin crawled the closer they got, as if spiders click-clacked all up and down her arms and legs. The air bloomed with the ripe scent of blood, of decay, of magic, and that heaviness coated her tongue with each swallow like oil.

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Local Author Day at Downingtown Library


Come meet local authors over at Downingtown Library and learn about the process at a roundtable discussion with them!

Attending authors include:
Charlene Briggs
Adele Downs
Katherine McIntyre
Joel Moore
Bruce Mowday
Kellie Springer
Susan Weidener
Betty Wilder

I’ll be chatting about my series since book two of Take to the Skies, A Tale of Two Airships will be for sale, and book three of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, Rising for Autumn, was recently contracted!

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Weekly Word Count #76

Word Count: 10,101

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter for NaNoWriMo! WOOOO! I’m in the final sector of this final book of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles!

What I’m editing/marketing: Still editing Chasing Fate. It’s shaping up to probably be my best manuscript, hands down.

Line of the week:

It would be so easy to run the other way and keep running, claiming solace in Dante’s arms. However, that’s one of the reasons she’d stayed away the first time she disappeared from his life. Because Cami wanted to honor her mother by becoming a ferociously strong woman, just like her. One willing to fight for what was important to her, no matter the cost. Here and now, this is where she drew her line in the sand, where she separated herself from the weak and the strong.

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Weekly Word Count #75

Word Count: 9,011

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing Chasing Fate because my lovely beta readers have gotten crits back to me!

Line of the week:

He’d never managed to separate game days from the memories of his dad watching Eagles, Flyers, whatever got his blood pumping as he crushed back cans upon cans of stale beer, and he’d scream his voice hoarse. And then of course leveling all that adrenaline-fueled aggression into beating the everloving shit out of him. Days after games he’d head into school with black eyes, grazes, and cuts, until he learned to be scarce on those days. Until eventually he’d left altogether.

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Weekly Word Count #74

Word Count: 5,618

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter. My word count is gonna be hella booming, because it’s NaNoWriMo time and I’m participating. My hope is to get the final Philadelphia Coven Chronicles book finished this month!

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished editing Chasing Fate enough to send off to beta readers. I. Can’t. Wait. to plunge back into work on that book until I make it all shiny new. It’s an old story, but one with bones so strong they’re worth resurrecting.

Line of the week:

She’d hoped, prayed, that her time with Akanda had ended the day Dante saved her, the day the one man she’d loved so deep to quake the earth itself had returned into her life at her weakest and worst. Except the nightmare hadn’t ended, wouldn’t end. Not while the Caoranach drew another breath.

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NaNoWriMo: Day one

So, I’m using NaNo this year to finish book four of my Philadelphia Coven Chronicles series, Waking for Winter. AAAAND to hopefully start a new project. Ambitious, yes?

Well, I’m not going to lie, I need the motivation. Not that I haven’t been a writing machine this year–I’ve kicked out most of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles in 2016. However, this book has been stalling for me. The characters are great, I’ve got a cool as shit concept, but I’m just waiting for certain scenes to gel, for it to tug at my heartstrings and not let go.

Come on, Kat, what are you doing blogging and not writing? I KNOW. I’m being bad. I haven’t even gotten my normal 1000 words in for the day let alone the extra 600some I need to keep on target. I know myself though–challenges thrill me. They give me something to fight for, and once I start fighting for this story, nothing will stop me. So I go into NaNo with a cup of coffee, an open heart, and some ass-kicking scenes to write.

To all you other NaNo’ers out there–WRITE ON!