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Weekly Word Count #73

Word Count: 3,459

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished the first pass on the Chasing Fate Rewrite! From here, it’ll go to my husband for critiques so I can get the changes up to date, and then out to beta readers! And then I’ll be cleaning this ol’ gal up for submissions, hopefully before the end of the year!

Line of the week:

Either way, even a block away, the insidious crawl of the Caoranach’s presence weighted the air, her mark like the toxic sludge that factory towers piped into the skies.

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Holidays Around the Corner

While it’ll be awhile before I’m getting holly jolly and tossing up my Christmas decorations (by awhile, I mean AFTER Thanksgiving), one thing I realized I don’t have the luxury to do is dilly dally with prepping gift baskets for my books and tea. And while my son would rather have one of the super cool keychain knives he happened upon, my fans tend to be more demanding. After all, not only do people start shopping early, but once December hits, I’ll need to be able to ship those things at a moment’s notice, not wait for a shipment to come in. So, in a stroke of extra-preparedness, I made a pre-order form for the absolute cutest gift box for readers.

Kat’s Box of Wonderment

Kay, first off, that sounds ridiculously dirty, so ignore my ridiculous title. What’s inside the gift boxes is SUPER cool. I’m going to offer three selections based on my three Decadent Publishing novellas: By the Sea, Soul Solution, and Poisoned Apple. Of course, a signed copy of the book will be the first piece to this puzzle. Next is a bag of the looseleaf tea blended for each book (By the Sea: floral mint herbal, Poisoned Apple: tart apple honeybush, Soul Solution: pear jasmine green tea). And then the unique and time-takey part of this endeavor is the never-before-seen, framed winter themed poem included with each one. Altogether, each aspect of this is a unique delight, something you can’t just tug off the shelves at Target.

Bonus factor? The gift boxes are 15% off if you pre-order before December 1st!

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In Other News…

With my third Philadelphia Coven Chronicles book out with my editor, I started kicking my marketing into high gear this week!

So here’s the new stuff I’ve rolled out!

To those reviewers and bloggers who want to get their hands on free books before release date, I have an Advanced Review Copy sign up! (Soooo when book three in Philly Coven Chronicles, or book three of Take to the Skies comes out, you’ll be the first to recieve!)

To those interested sign up here!


And for my lovely readers who want to know the latest and greatest of what I’m up to as well as want to be a huge part of my process and spreading the word, I’ve got a street team on Facebook now! Join Katherine McIntyre’s Support Squad! I promise unicorn hugs and my endless love and gratitude in return!


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Weekly Word Count #72

Word Count: 3,108

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished editing Rising for Autumn and shipped it off to the editor. Fingers crossed, guys! And now that my editing agenda is freed up, I can tackle rewriting Chasing Fate into a YA urban fantasy!!!

Line of the week:

He sucked in a harsh breath. “So it had nothing to do with us?”

So, so complicated that phrase. It had everything to do with them, with how bright their flames burned when they were together and how their fire threatened to consume survival and reason alike. The aching intensity he inspired in her had reached the fervor of consumption to the point she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to extricate herself. In their time apart, she’d grown. Fallen down, scraped her knees, and fucked up, sure. But she’d learned to stand on her own and grew into a woman who could fight her own battles. Had she stayed back then, she had risked not only losing him, but herself in the process.

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Steampunk Unlimited 2016

As always, Steampunk Unlimited was a blast!


Haven’t heard of the yearly steampunk event at the Strasburg Railroad? This was the fourth year and as always, a huge crowd came out!


If you haven’t been and Lancaster County isn’t too much of a journey, I highly recommend the trek. While I was behind my vending booth the entire time, I could hear the panels going on in the room and the entertainment tent was hopping the entire time. What I love the most about these events though are the people. Everyone is so friendly and willing to chat! They’re from all different walks of life, all different ages, and it’s rare to find a community as wildly accepting as the steampunk one. Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention the amazing friends we’ve made there, ones who even seeing once a year still warm my soul.


My heart is aglow from all the wonderful folks I chatted with, and I especially want to shout out to those who took a chance on my books for the first time, or for the wonderful individuals who stopped by to simply share how much they enjoyed An Airship Named Desire and A Tale of Two Airships. To an author, those kind words mean the world to me. I store them away in my cherished box of happy memories for those days when the rejections are heavy hitting, sales are low, and things look bleak.


So all in all, I left Steampunk Unlimited feeling uplifted, and I have the wonderful community to thank for that!

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Weekly Word Count #71

Word Count: 4,039

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter

What I’m editing/marketing: Winding to an end with the Rising for Autumn edits. I may actually be able to finish next week, which means I’ll be sending it on in to the editor.

Line of the week:

“I’ll survive, Cam. Bitty bullet like that won’t take me down,” he forced out between gritted teeth, even though his hand clamped to his side. The scent of blood was a vibrant tang in the air that she knew far too well, which worried her. Dante would deliver his ‘just a flesh wound’ bullshit even if he was rolling up to death’s door just to keep her from getting upset.

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Weekly Word Count #70

Word Count: 4,541

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter! And what a story it shall be!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing Rising for Autumn like crazy, and marketing An Airship Named Desire, because this week only it’s 99 cents!

Line of the week:

Ever since her time in the necromancer’s clutches, she was still recovering lost memories from the quicksand of her mind. They’d drop like nuclear bombs, freezing her up at the worst time as visuals which should’ve stayed forever buried bubbled to the surface.

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Unmask the Romance!


Last Saturday, I attended my first multi-author signing as an attending author! Unmask the Romance took place in Phoenixville, PA and was set up by the incomparable A.L. Wood and Renee Lee Fisher!


I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed the experience. It was wonderful meeting and interacting with so many other authors around me as well as the exuberant and enthusiastic readers who attended. Altogether, I’d definitely attend again, and I’m looking forward to heading to more author/reader cons!


Some of the lovely folks I met included Theresa Troutman, Jennifer Loring, and Emma Lee Skye, so if you dig great romance novels, check them out!

Next year’s Unmask the Romance is May 2018, so you’ll definitely find me there!