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Weekly Word Count #55

Word Count: 20,000something (I seriously lost count cos I was writing such inhumanly large amounts)

What story I’m working on: GUYS, CAPTIVATING MELODY IS FINISHED. What does that mean? The next couple weeks I’m going to sink into editing, big time, since I have two projects on the docket now.

What I’m editing/marketing: Night Awakens, and I’ve been doing a lot of marketing prep work for Scrying for Summer

Line of the week:

However, for the first time as she watched the night sky, though distant, it didn’t stir the ache in her chest. Instead, she watched the way the shadows kissed those cold rays, making them all the stronger.

And in that single, beautiful moment, she understood.

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Weekly Word Count #54

Word Count: 15,020

What story I’m working on: Captivating Melody! I just passed the 60k mark and the story still has some juice left in it, so we might be looking at 70-80k, a much larger beastie than I initially planned!

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished Scrying for Summer’s line edits and the manuscript is officially off to formatting! Woop woop! Meanwhile, A Tale of Two Airships is currently with an editor!

Line of the week:

“Just because you can fit five clementines into your mouth doesn’t mean you should.” Jett slammed his hands down on the table, getting way too heated over such an idiotic argument.

“Honestly, it’s not going to score you any points with the ladies,” Danica jumped in. “Cramming balls into your mouth seems to be a cred you’d pull out with the other team.”

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Weekly Word Count #53

Word Count: 12, 046 (Racing along!!)

What story I’m working on: Captivating Melody, and I’m LOVING IT!

What I’m editing/marketing: Scrying for Summer is in line edits with my editor, A Tale of Two Airships is in content edits with my editor, and Night Awakens is out with beta readers! So crazy!

Line of the week:

“Who wants to call this shit off and just go get dumplings?” he complained as they passed yet another restaurant, with open doors that greeted them with the drool-inducing scent of spiced meat.

“Dumplings are for closers,” Danica responded, with a quick-wittedness that worked well with this gang.

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Mid-Year Review

“Stop smiling like a psycho at everyone.” Jev pursed her lips. “They already think you’re a nutjob anyway.”Scrying for SummerbyKatherine McIntyre

So…what’s been brewing this year? Already, January feels like a decade ago, and I’ve been working nonstop in an exhilarating thrill ride of writing, reading, and editing. Back in Jan/Feb, I wrote the sequel to Hunting for Spring, book two of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles–Scrying for Summer. And now, it’s set to release with Loose Id on August 9th! Made me a happy girl! …Just realized that Hunting for Spring only released this past January!! Holy hell, time moves fast.

Also, the second book of Take to the Skies, the long awaited sequel of An Airship Named Desire–A Tale of Two Airships, will be out in August as well! It’s currently with my editor, and I’m more than thrilled about this. It’s more breathtaking adventures with Bea and the crew, and based on the responses of my beta-readers who loved the first book, it more than holds up.

On top of that, I finished another manuscript, Night Awakens (which is now out with beta readers), and I’m working on submitting The Iron Legacy to agents. Wish me luck, guys!

New works aside, there have been other avenues to check out older releases! This year, I re-released An Airship Named Desire and Snatched, so now paperback copies are available. And Decadent Publishing released Poisoned Apple, Soul Solution, and By the Sea in paperback as well! Shiny shiny paperbacks. In the audio sphere, Mae Sally Rouge-Pax did a smash up job with Stolen Petals, and will be applying her talents to An Airship Named Desire audio book as well!

The first half of the year was booming, but there’s so much more to look forward to. I’m hoping to finish editing Night Awakens this year and prep it for submissions, as well as finish my current WIP, Captivating Melody (fae rockstar romance, for the win!). After that, I’m planning on plunging into book 3 of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, Rising for Autumn, and you can bet after that, I’ll be working on the next Take to the Skies book.



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Weekly Word Count #52

Word Count: 6,588

What story I’m working on: Captivating Melody (Hoping to get to 30k today!!)

What I’m editing/marketing: Finished my edits on A Tale of Two Airships, which will be off to the editor on the 6th! Pluuus, still working with an editor for Scrying for Summer! Woo!!!

Line of the week:

She stepped out of the bathroom to narrowly dodge Jett skidding back, a wide grin on his face as Kieran lobbed a fist in his direction. Which placed her right in the line of fire.

His fist stopped a whisper away from her face and he froze in place, his gaze locked on her. “Damn, girl,” he murmured, lowering his hand as his eyes smoldered. “You look edible.”