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Preview Paragraph-Night Awakens

“Bout time, detective. Any leads on your case?” she asked, pointedly ignoring me.

All my pent up paranoia had nowhere to go when irritation flared through me, so I looped my arm through his. “He sure does, darling.” I offered her a wider than average grin.

“We’ll talk later, Char,” he said as we continued past the reception and down the hall. A smirk tugged on his lips once we stepped out of sight along the long bone-white corridor. “Don’t tell me you got jealous, sweetheart.”

I let out a huff and shoved him in the side. “You wish, loverboy. Just nerves getting the better of me.”

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Love Letter to Fellow Writers

This has been a particularly tough week and I needed the reminder, even if it’s coming from myself. Love to all of you fellow authors.

Katherine McIntyre

We’re in one hell of a business, aren’t we? Every job, every career has it’s ups and downs, but I’ll leave those who are mired in theirs to communicate those woes. For me, it’s always been about writing. I’m sure my story’s like so many others–from the tender age of who-can-even-remember, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. The ability to touch, reach, and change people with my stories. Sensitive, shy little me, always buried in a book.

So I worked hard. I read every book I could get my hands on, studied the guidebooks of writing, forced myself into the disciplines. Like so many others, soldiered through NaNoWriMo. I honed my craft, and even today I’m still learning. I’m ALWAYS writing. My college years were spent jotting down stories between classes, and my spare moments stolen by my laptop, a pen and paper, and whatever story claimed control of my brain.

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Weekly Word Count #34

Word Count: 15,011

What story I’m working on: Took a break on Night Awakens because Scrying for Summer is just flowing out of me!

What I’m editing/marketing: Iron Legacy is still in the editing queue, and A Tale of Two Airships is out with beta readers! In the marketing queue is still Hunting for Spring!

Line of the week:

Jev was fairly certain that the words ‘should’ve known better’ would go somewhere on her tombstone, but at the moment her focus was on the dozens of angry pixies honed in on her.

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Travel Tuesdays: Chanticleer Gardens


For this adventure, we didn’t even need to travel more than a half hour from home! Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne is a stunningly kept up garden and all around beautiful place to visit. I’d heard of it for years, but never thought to go until one date day, my husband and I decided to leap for it and check out this hidden treasure. And hidden it is, down a lot of windy back roads!


The small redhead is me, but as you can see, the place is just bursting with greenery and life. Chanticleer spread much further than I thought it would too–it felt like we walked forever and still had more to discover! As far as gardens go, I’d rank this fairly high. Oftentimes, you see some greenhouses with splatterdash groupings of plants, but this was a masterfully woven tapestry of flowers, bushes, and trees all surrounding old structures and interacting with the existing buildings.

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Preview Paragraph: The Iron Legacy

The starchy fabric of the uniform reminded me of the old days where I wore clothes I’d stolen off a dead person in an alley. This is what our high and mighty military wore? A sneer curled my lip, which I didn’t bother hiding.

I slouched, leaning against the smooth wood overlay lining the walls of the basement clubhouse while Jerome scanned over me with his discerning eye.

“Like what you see?” I grinned, knowing full well the man was immune to my sass.

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Weekly Word Count #33

Getting ready to bunker down for “snowmaggedon” they’re calling it. At least for us East Coasters. Whether or not it actually happens is a coin toss, though I have to admit after all the hysteria I think it’d be rather hilarious to get a small smidge of snow. Either way, I’ll be spending that time writing!

Word Count: 5,891

What story I’m working on: Scrying for Summer, the sequel to Hunting for Spring. While I love Night Awakens, I’m taking a brief hiatus to pound out this sequel, because I’m just jiving with it right now.

What I’m editing/marketing: The Iron Legacy is in the final rounds of editing and the beginning of query writing. As for marketing, still riding the high of Hunting for Spring’s release last week!

Line of the week:

“If you’re grinning like that after catching a glimpse, there’s no way you could handle the whole she-bang, babe,” she sauntered past him, grabbing her pack and heading to the door.

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Travel Tuesdays: Niagara-On-The-Lake


To think we almost missed this charming little town with its beautiful outlook! For anyone visiting Niagara Falls, once you get your glimpse, ditch the crowds and come up to this amazing town, barely a half hour North. To be honest, we didn’t plan the excursion at all–our lovely host at the Niagara Motor Lodge was the one who told us all about it and after we’d had enough of shoving our way through the crowds on the Canadian side, we decided in a change of plans.


It’s right next to Lake Ontario, and as you’re driving up, prepare to pass about 5 dozen wineries along the way. Not only is this prime wine country, but it’s home of some of the best ice wines in the region. My husband and I stopped at one of the wine shops to do a tasting and we weren’t disappointed–ice wine is lush, sweet brilliance in every drop. And also re-donkulously expensive, so we remained happy with our tasting. Niagara-On-The-Lake is a gorgeous little town littered with unique shops, bakeries, and cafes, and definitely worth a detour.

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Preview Paragraph: The Iron Legacy

I twitched as a drop of sweat trickled down my back. “I do declare, is that a vote of confidence in my leadership skills?”

He crossed his arms over his chest and fixed me with a look. “It’s a vote of confidence in your ability to hoodwink the most cynical man. I’ve never met a more manipulative son of a bitch in my life.”

“Why, that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.” A slow smile rolled to my face. He wasn’t wrong. Interpreting people came easily for me, and when my survival as a kid hinged on using said knowledge to my favor, I learned how to work around even the most stubborn bastards. Given a little patience and observation, most people delivered their tells early in a conversation. A little bruising of the ego meant nothing to me if I escaped alive.

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Weekly Word Count #32

WOOO! Hunting for Spring is out, folks! Apart from that, I’m still trucking away on my wordage!

Word Count: 3,004

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens on Monday, but then I switched to Scrying for Summer. I’m just really antsy to get Jev’s story told!

What I’m editing/marketing: Editing the Iron Legacy, and I’m down to the wire, folks! And as for marketing, it’s been Hunting for Spring, all the way!

Line of the week:

Jev let out a snort. “The jury’s still out on your level of intellect. After all, you signed up with Evil Incorporated in the first place.”