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Upcoming Sale!

February 16th to 23rd, don’t miss out on the sale we’re running for By the Sea! Only 99 cents on Amazon!

Best way to beat the winter doldrums is with a relaxing oceanside read.


Most kids had imaginary friends, but most weren’t like Megan’s friend Niall. There were rules: only at night and only by the sea. She could’ve sworn he was real, but when someone vanishes without a trace, what else can you believe?

All that was seven years ago, buried in the past until Niall shows up in town with his tight swimmer’s body and easy smile. For Megan, just the sight of him is enough to tear open a scar that never fully healed. However, their reunion only elicits more questions. Niall’s keeping secrets, unbelievable ones, and as Megan delves into the supernatural depths of who he really is, she’s sure he’ll vanish again.

Megan’s not stupid—she knows how bad it’ll hurt if she gets involved. The first time Niall disappeared, she never thought she’d recover. But the moment they lock eyes, it’s too late—because Megan will go to any length to see that boy smile.

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Word of the Day: Cabotage

On an off note, I thought of a new post I wanted to do–a word of the day. Now, as a writer, I’m pretty well versed, but I’m not a walking dictionary. I’m human, and half the time I’m plugging stuff into the thesaurus or looking up a meaning in the dictionary. I’m completely okay with that because I’m always learning! So now, you too can share in my learning!

Word of the day: Cabotage

What I think it means: A sabotage involving cabbages

What it actually means: non-remunerated not-for-hire flight between two points within a foreign country, carrying residents whose travel begins and ends in that country.

Welp, I was way off on that one! Yay–learning!

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An Airship Named Desire Tea

IMG_1861 IMG_1862

A tart blend of Earl Grey, this one combines raspberries and orange peel! Airship was a breezy adventure, and I wanted to represent that, while still catering to the steampunk side of the story with some traditional Earl Grey tea. Coming soon…more novel inspired teas!

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Sneak Peek at Red Skies Take Warning

I adore pirates, and no, that’s not a secret.

So, this dystopian pirate sci-fi is something I’m still enamored with as I’m editing, even after spending all year writing the precious thing.

            To every tale of thievery to plague the seas of Castella, to every midnight raid on the shores of Grenfelt, and to every tale of terror on the open sea, one name followed: Adrian Solokov.

Destroyer of homes, plunderer of brothels, traitor to all fleets, and the first, the original defector of the Naval Guardians. This was the reputation gained, stolen, and bartered from meager land to the grand expanse of elite barges and underwater shantytowns. The reputation of the pirate captain Solokov, his ship, the Crimson Orchid, and his crew, the Land Seekers.

Seriously, I dare you to try and not get swept up in that exhilarating sense of adventure. Also, I spammed the everliving hell out of Blackheart, putting it on repeat and listening to it hundreds of times while I wrote the epic action sequences.

….I think I swoon harder for swelling emotion before a battle and those big rallying speeches than any romance hero. Call me weird, or an Aries, either way, I love it.

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Snatched Dream Cast

So, not a shocker, but when I write characters, I’ll sometimes imagine different people to get realistic details, flaws, etc regarding physical appearance. Of course, my characters get their own flair, but it’s great to get ideas for a certain nose, or chin shape, to really set them apart. For Snatched, I definitely have my dream cast picked out based on looks, although not necessarily based on acting chops.

Kara Orris:

Played by Lauren German

Why: Kara’s got the dirty blonde hair, blue eyes thing going, but she’s got a toughness to her that’s obvious upon first impression, and I really thought this picture fit what I imagined for the character.


Played by Ashley Benson

Why: Dinah’s pretty as a picture, and definitely comes across as more of a girly girl


Played by Drew Van Acker

Why: I imagined Jared as your All American sort of dude, the kind that most girls lose their shit for, but not exactly Kara’s cup of tea


Played by Jean Luc Bilodeau

Why: Hunter has a more playful look to him, like he’s always ready to tease, or add some snarky quip


Played by Dwayne Johnson

Why: For Tank, I always pictured Dwayne Johnson. With a name like Tank, it makes sense for a guy of that stature, but there’s also a sweetness as well.


Played by Kaya Scodelario

Why: This version of Kaya Scodelario is exactly what I think of when I imagine Tweak. Giant eyes, raggy hair, and looking about six shots of espresso deep.

Lizzy Orris:

Played by Emma Watson

Why: There’s an inquisitiveness to Emma Watson’s demeanor that I always associated with Lizzy.

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Sneak Peek of Stolen Petals

Steamy steampunk? Rival bounty hunters?

What more could you want?

Here’s a sneak peek from my new novelette which will be released with Breathless Press soon!

While the run-down tavern, the Rusty Scupper, was the last place a lady should dally, the opportunity was too good to pass. She’d been on this bounty for months and couldn’t let this chance slip. Viola focused on the name. Should’ve recognized the scoundrel.

A smile curved her lips. No, she couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Under her alias, the Brass Violet, she’d maintained a healthy competition with most, but none as much as the Fox. Like his namesake, he snuck in and snatched her targets before she had the chance to nab them. He stole the pickings of others, especially hers, for his own entertainment. So why the peace offering? If he had information, he wouldn’t share it unless he needed something from her. Which meant this bounty was about to get interesting.