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Too Many Games

So, one of the places I write is for the website, Caffeine Crew, a geek news outlet. This weekend, we did press for Too Many Games, a convention in Oaks, which also gave me plenty more to write about, including an article on one of the panels we went to as well as a variety of other things. In honor of the games convention, I put together a quick Aeris cosplay, more of a street wear version of her outfit.


We had an absolute blast! I was able to talk to a lot of indie game developers which was phenomenal. As an indie writer, there’s a certain camaraderie and understanding that comes with the territory—we all get to be very creative with marketing and getting ourselves out there!

Altogether, Too Many Games was a blast!

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Mad Lib Mondays

New feature over at my facebook page: Katherine McIntyre

Each Monday, I’m going to take a line from one of my books/pieces and cut out a few of the words, leaving you, the readership to fill them in. Starting off, we had FANTASTIC results.


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News, News and More News

So, I’ve got some solidified STUFF coming out, most likely this year.

Snatched, a young adult sci-fi novel which will be published by Jupiter Gardens Press

(Involving post apocalyptic battles against shifters–teleporting emotionless humanoids))




Poisoned Apple, a contemporary Snow White novella which will be published by Decadent Publishing

(Snow White’s a goth, Prince Charming’s a jerk and her family’s even worse)


Plenty of reasons to stay tuned!

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The Romance. It’s Coming.

Which, that title of course makes it sound like I have an erotica on the way. Not so. By the Sea is a sweet paranormal romance about selkies, fae and a small beach-side town in Massachusetts. My lovely publisher is none other than Decadent Publishing, who I have to say has been a joy to work with. After a lot of work editing, marketing and all the folderol involved with a book coming out, I’m pleased to announce the release date: June 13, 2014.


Stay tuned.