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Writing Tip of the Day

Too into the character’s head? Sometimes you need to back out.


I delved into one of my old manuscripts because I’m rewriting the story into something different, using concepts, characters, etc though. But man, I didn’t realize how AT LENGTH I used to go on about what the character was thinking. She’d be giving her whole life story through her head, triggered by looking at a freakin’ shoe.

Not necessary.

Internal thought’s what brings a deeper emotional connection to the character–definitely important. But just as important are their actions, what they DO. So next time you’re ready to explain their entire life’s tale through the thoughts in their head, pull back and parse. Consider, are they really going to have the time to muse on this?

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Some exciting news on the publishing front will be out in a couple months. Keep tabs for updates!

As for editing, I’m currently still going through beta-rounds for When Fire Ignites. Who doesn’t enjoy fire elementals with some family drama?

On the writing front, I’m reworking an old Snow White story I’d written, a young adult contemporary spin. This time, Snow White’s a spunky goth and what to do when Prince Charming’s a jerk?

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Steampunk Unlimited


Tomorrow I’ll be vending at Steampunk Unlimited, a kickass event at the Strasburg Railroad! While I’ll primarily be vending tea and coffee, I’ll have a couple copies of An Airship Named Desire on hand and will be doing signings for anyone interested.

Don’t miss out! Wear your finest steampunk attire and peruse the wonderful fares of Feshlandia, Solstice Brews and Crystal Vibes! Come chat writing with me, I always love to meet new people!